Wow, how is it already Christmas tomorrow?

This month was pretty eventful, but has slowed down recently due to the holidays. Now, although it is slowing down, there was definitely a LOT of planning done in preparation for 2013 – both on a personal and career level.

To start with the personal level, my cousin, Leia, is getting MARRIED! It will be the first wedding of our generation, and I am the Maid of Honor! I feel horrible because I am helping remotely while I am in LA, but she is Bridezilla and pretty much has everything taken care of (love you! lol).

Anyway, for those who don’t know, Leia and I have always been mistaken to be sisters – which we might as well be. I was literally her shadow growing up, and to think she is getting married and moving to Hawaii is a bittersweet feeling. I’m happy that she is happy, but I’m sad because it’s another reminder that we are all growing up. First Andrew (cousin) moved to NY, I moved to LA and now Leia is leaving…. It’s okay though, because it would take a lot more than distance to ever pull our family apart. That’s what planes, FaceTime and Skype are for, right?

It’s actually getting depressing to think about – so time to change the subject.

Outside of the wedding on a personal level, my focus in 2013 is to really share my story and inspire the world. Like I’ve said before, my story is the kind you’d only see in a movie, and I believe God intended for it to be that way because it’s meant to inspire others, and I will do just that. I do post a lot on social media/my site, but there’s also a lot I’ve kept to myself, so it’s time to start sharing. And I promise, every story will be eye-opening and give you the chills.

Last but not least, the one thing I truly give my all to – my career. HotNewHipHop has a lot coming. If you think we’re a big company now – wait until the end of 2013. The company is made up of a great team with great ideas, it’s honestly just a matter of time. Right now, we’re the top 1600 sites in the country, and 7000 in the world – Next year, you can count on us being top 1000/top 5000 — so follow and support the company!!!, HotNewHipHop Twitter, HotNewHipHop Facebook, HotNewHipHop YouTube, HotNewHipHop Instagram

Well, that’s all I have for tonight. I need to start packing up for Chicago! There is no way to describe how excited I am to see my family – It’s the first time we will all be together in awhile to just sit around, eat, watch TV and be lazy. YES!

I’m also looking forward to seeing my beautiful Godson, Dominick, who I’m so proud to say is a NICU grad and is finally home after 7 long months!

Of course, I also can’t wait to scarf down Portillo’s everyday, mix it in with some Culver’s, White Castle and DUH my parents’ cooking. It’s going to be amazing – but unfortunately, I still have 24 hours until my flight. I would take the red-eye on Christmas Eve…

On that note, safe travels to anyone who is not home yet, and I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!