Thanksgiving was amazing with my family!

To start off with, my cousin, Andrew, surprised my brother and I at my apartment. He was supposed to come in the Wednesday before, and he just knocked on the door on Tuesday – we were definitely surprised.

Anyway, we spent this Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house, and the food was amazing. I am not exactly the best cook, so I was just the tester. I was sneaking bites of the food throughout the process because I got hungry. By the time we were going to have lunch, I was already full – oops.

Filipino’s don’t play when it comes to food (picture I posted in this article was our lunch. The other part of it was in the dining room).

Turkey, potatoes, ham, egg rolls, lasagna, green bean casserole, salmon, rice, ¬†fruit, pumpkin cheesecake, cassava, pitchi pitch, kutsinta (these are filipino desserts), the list goes on. The turkey for dinner was twice as big – 25 pounds to be exact lol, seriously thought I was going to explode and I’m pretty sure I gained weight.

Anyway after all of the football games, lunch, dinner, and my mom ripping on Pitbull about how she has never seen his eyes, we played an intense game of Scattegories. You don’t want to play games with us, we get competitive. Here are some of the things we fought over:

1. Sports equipment (K) – my mom and aunt put “Kickboxing Tools.” What is that? My cousin, Andrew, goes, “what tools do you have for kickboxing? Are you going to stuff a wrench in your glove?”

2. World Records (N) – again, my mom and aunt put “911.” My cousin, Andrew again goes, “that’s not a world record – no one is going to try to beat that record.”

3. Things in the Sky (T) – Chris and Andrew put “Toilets.” Their reasoning was because airplanes are constantly in the sky, and there are toilets in them.

4. Weapons (F) – I don’t remember who put this one, but they put “Fire.” My reaction was… what are you going to do when you threaten someone? Yell “back off or I’m going to throw fire at you!” Where do you get fire? You’re not Bowzer.

5. Things in the Ocean (E) – Umm… Steven and Alex put “Eggshells.” Everyone was silent here, but they justified it by saying that Turtles lay their eggs in the ocean.

6. Toys (F) – Chris and Andrew put “Fox.” It doesn’t sound as funny, but when they said it and we all questioned them.. Chris automatically pulls his hand up like he was running an imaginary toy fox in the air going, “What? someone has to have a toy fox.”

I could go on and on, because we played for literally 2.5 hours – but I think you get the gist of it.

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving – remember, there’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for!