I’m feeling really good guys. This post is dedicated to everyone who supported me throughout this Drake Correspondent Competition.

You know what I always say, everything happens for a reason. I really felt that I was meant to enter this competition because it could be my big break. I saw it on facebook three days before submission deadline, and today I am ranked at #8 out of 331 submissions. BUT, as I said – this post is NOT about me, it’s about all of YOU who supported me these last few days.

I feel like all of Chicago had my back in this competition, and that alone makes me happy. I just want to say that whether I win or not, your guys’ support is what truly motivates me. It feels good to know that my work is supported by my family, friends, and even people who don’t know me. I can’t stress it enough – I really do appreciate it.

At the end of all of this, if I win just know that I understand I could not have done it without you.. and if I don’t, I promise, knowing I had all this support 110% of the way is just as good as winning. I had literally over 30 people promoting the link for me, my family in the Philippines spent an hour and a half waiting on the computer for my video to pop up just so they could vote. Do you know how long it takes to vote?! You have to watch 15 seconds of each video to vote, and on top of that it’s RANDOM. I have the most “likes” (400+) and comments out of all of the submissions. Honestly? You guys are the best!

Again, thank you so much. Of course I want to win this competition, it would be a dream come true, but that’s not all I want. I want to inspire or encourage someone reading this post to really work hard with what they are passionate for, and don’t give up if you don’t receive the ending results you were hoping for. Everything and I mean everything happens for a reason.