Last night I was having yet another conversation with one of my good friends, Timmy Apuli – a.k.a. Tim Koda. We were talking about facebook, and how everyone takes it so seriously and then it moved onto what is annoying about it. You know what that is? Couples. Not all couples, but some couples are annoying on facebook.

What I don’t understand is why do couples write on each others walls when they talk everyday?! I understand if they are in different countries or something, but even then – I don’t see what is so necessary to write a 30-sentence post on their wall lol.

I swear everyday I look at my newsfeed and I see couples writing “i love you” and Tim made a good point,I don’t get it, are they thinking¬†I can’t wait until she goes online so she knows I love her.”

Lol we understand you guys love each other and miss each other but honestly? What happened to texts, calls, in-person, etc.? I understand once in awhile, but c’mon everyday? Lol even sometimes when you guys are sitting right next to each other? Take the lovey-dovey stuff off facebook and keep that in your personal life, it’s not meant for that.

No, we were not hating in anyway on those who do it, we just don’t understand why people do it lol. Maybe it’s just us, I don’t know, I just wanted to write about it.

“Make it happen.”
– Jen DeLeon