I feel like everyone’s Facebook statuses or tweets were about how they couldn’t believe summer was ending, or that school was starting. Well, before I went to bed last night I got to thinking – I had less than a two-week summer… which led to me thinking about my last three summers I never had.

The summer after my senior year of high school was my last real summer break. The two summers following that my time was invested into some type of work. Summer 2009 I was working with a business mentoring company and taking two summer classes, Summer 2010 I was interning with NBC Chicago, taking summer classes again, and started working with Gowhere Hip Hop, and then Summer 2011, I am still with Gowhere Hip Hop, Cornerstone Promotion, planning things for Fall of 2011 [which I wish I could share, but you guys will see soon enough ;)], building my business and working part-time with a business mentoring company.

Right after I graduated, I took a vacation to Riviera Maya with my brother and cousins [still need to blog about that], started my job at the business mentoring company three days after I got home, worked, events, interviews was my routine, and then I left for Vegas randomly for a weekend a couple weeks ago. I haven’t even blogged about graduation, my vacations, or random stories that I have been meaning to blog about because I feel my time has been so limited.. and when I did have free time, I would be with my family because all the boys have started a new journey at school [another thing I need to blog about]. I literally was only at a pool or beach when I was out-of-town.. no wonder I am so pale!

I think it’s safe to say that there will no longer be a “Summer Break” for me, or any break for that matter – but I am not complaining. I don’t consider “work” as work, because I love my job and could do this for the rest of my life – and I know it will all pay off soon enough.

In the mean time, I am getting everything together and I cannot wait for you to see what is to come.

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