Shoutout to the dude who saved my life!

It’s a Friday night – well, I guess now Saturday because it’s 2 A.M.., and a stranger just left my apartment.


Because I saw a bug and just about lost my shit.

I don’t do well when it comes to spiders, bugs, insects, roaches – basically anything that crawls. In fact, I’m 24-years-old and I promise you, when I visit home, I’m still calling for my Mom or Dad to kill a spider. What a little bitch, I know.

Anyway, I saw this big ass bug and ran out of my apartment to the lobby. Saw a security guard, and a few people having a conversation out front and was debating on if I was really going to ask a stranger to flush this bug down the toilet. The debate did not last longer than 30 seconds, and clearly, the answer was yes.

I approached one with, “uhh…. I have a question… a really really random question…” and I signaled him to get away from the other people he was having a conversation with because that’s just a really awkward question to ask to a group of people and go “so uh… I’m terrified of anything that crawls and there’s some shit in my apartment that I absolutely cannot touch and if it is not killed, I will not sleep.” 

His response? “Yeah, I’ve never had anyone ask me that before hahaha.”

Fast forward, it turned into him killing the bug lol, and both of us laughing at the fact that I really just let a stranger in my apartment to kill this thing in the middle of the night. Funny thing is, I don’t let or like people in my apartment in general. I have this whole thing about my space and bubble, and can count how many people have stepped foot in my apartment – but I’m for damn sure going to let a stranger up in here to kill a bug. FUCK ALLLL THAT.

Safety or kill a bug that’s 1/4 my size? (yes, I know it’s not really 1/4 my size, but I am a little person and I was terrified of that thing as if it were). Glad to know where my priorities are at.

Shoutout to the dude who saved my life tonight. Goodnight!