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Toure Roberts

  • Most people are angry or worried about something
  • Can’t be distracted with a direction you weren’t on
  • Your life should be consistently governed by a powerful, positive thought
  • God has already cleared the path, obstacles, etc., you just have to believe!
  • Get in alignment and it’s going to happen
  • Worrying is unprofitable
  • Worrying attracts what you’re afraid of instead of what God promised
  • Worry communicates an end that God did not choose
  • How often when you’re really worried does it happen? You’re afraid of a boogey man that’s never going to come
  • Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the promise because God does not lie
  • You’re experiencing it because you’re worrying about it
  • What has worry robbed you of? Peace, creativity, etc.
  • Let worry go and you’ll get so much further in life
  • If we are worriers we will abort what God placed inside of us. Worry is a cancer that will kill the baby
  • If you’re a worrier, you can’t do it and God has to find someone else
  • God has already set you up and cleared the obstacles, you just have to believe it
  • You’re messing up God’s experience when you’re worried
  • When you’re in agreement and alignment of what God has for you, it’s going to happen
  • God doesn’t keep you around to hurt you, He keeps you around to align you
  • The presentation of trouble isn’t the problem, the interpretation is
  • Worrying diverts your thinking to a solution to the problem
  • You think worrying about all these things and preparing for the worst will protect you and it’s a lie! Instead of building for your future, you’re building for your fall
  • If the enemy can distract you with worry, he can keep you from purpose
  • Who would you be if you were not held back by the shoulda, woulda and coulda’s of life?
  • If you could put worry under your foot, you will get so much further in life
  • You’re not at your best when you’re worrying 
  • Default to the highest thought rather than the lowest outcome
  • If you don’t take control of your thoughts you will be way out there
  • What is the most positive outcome of this thing I’ve been facing?
  • Even when you get negative news, you don’t need to have a negative mindset
  • When you’re not in alignment your worry meter goes through the roof
  • Temptation = The enemy drawing you away from what God has for you
  • There are things you’ve been praying for for months and years, and God is about to give you that breakthrough if you stay faithful – If I were the devil, I would wait until you were at the cusp of a blessing/breakthrough and that’s when I’d throw the bait in your direction
  • You give worry a place in your life when you choose to live outside of God’s will and out of alignment
  • If you see someone who’s blessed it has nothing to do with what they do in public, but what they do in private
  • As long as you worship your problem, your problem will always be present with you
  • Worry has no place to a believer

If you know someone that is worried about something, forward this message to change their mindset. 

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon