137697775_860c5c8426Think to yourself right now, and think of five things you regret you did in life. What are they? A call you wish you made?, something you wish you hadn’t said?, someone you wish you stayed in touch with?, it’s overall something you wish you had done differently ,STOP.

“What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now.”
Life is full of mistakes. Life is full of regrets. But are those really mistakes and regrets? No. I feel that everything an individual does has a purpose in it. I feel that every experience is a lesson to be learned. If you hadn’t gone through the painful experiences, or lived life being happy 24/7, what kind of person would you be today? You would think nothing could go wrong, and I’m sure you reading this right now are thinking, “well if I didn’t go through all that stuff, I would be a much happier person,” and you are far off. Although things hurt, you have to realize that everything you went through before this very moment, is what made you to the person you are today. You should be happy you went through that stuff because if you thought life was perfect and nothing could go wrong, what would happen when reality just knocked you off your feet? You need to be prepared, whether you like it or not.
The question I have today is, why do we beat ourselves up for something we simply cannot change? – the past. If you just think about how much time you waste, the hours of being hard on yourself because of something that has already passed, you are honestly just wasting your time. Stop moping around, and make things better for the future. Do you think you have the ability to turn back time? No. Do you think that you can make people erase their memories? No. So, stop. It’s pointless. LEARN from those “mistakes” and be the person you want to be now. GO for what you want now. Think of it as, for every minute you waste thinking about the past, is just more time you are wasting for your present future.

The next time you think, “I wish I did this” or “I wish I did that” just slap yourself in the face and realize whatever you did is what you chose to do at the time. LEARN from what you did or didn’t do, and apply it to your present and future. Everything at this moment, is the way it should be.