Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

Last Sunday, I was excited I had a day off the following day (President’s Day), and was thinking of how I wanted to spend it. What did I want to do? Who did I want to spend it with? And then I thought, “Wait, why do I have to spend it with anyone?”

Yes, I’m a hermit and never like to leave my apartment – but I absolutely hate being by myself in public because I like having someone to talk to. If I have to be, I’m ALWAYS on my phone. It was time to do something different.

Monday, I woke up at 7 A.M., and put my phone on airplane mode just so I could use it to listen to music. I put on my workout clothes and headed to Santa Monica.

After breaking my rosche’s in on the Santa Monica Steps for an hour (it was brutal – 170 steps, walked down, ran up, roundtrip 5 times), I had lunch at McDonald’s (so much for that workout) then went to the Santa Monica Pier. I sat on the benches until sunset listening to music, writing, reflecting on my life and asking God for guidance. Honestly, the only reason I left was because it was getting cold.

The only people I interacted with that day was the person who gave me directions to the steps because I refused to turn my phone on, the guy who took my order at McDonald’s and the stranger who sat next to me on the bench and asked what I was doing there. Surprisingly, I had no temptation or desire to turn on my phone – and if you know me, my phone is going off 24/7.

Yes, I was scared someone would need me for something, or maybe someone would be worried – but then I thought, fuck it. I give so much of my time to other people and things, I deserve this day to myself.

Anyway – I encourage everyone to try this at least once, and then every so often because I know you’ll enjoy it. Taking time away from the world, social media, all that, is so refreshing and very much needed. We’re too distracted by everyone else’s life and by shit that shouldn’t even be a concern to us. Be distracted with yourself.

Being alone with my thoughts for a day was so peaceful, and I was learning and viewing things from a different perspective. I had such a great time – and when I went back to my apartment, I felt like a whole new person. 

Put your phone down. Take a day to yourself. I dare you.