photo copyI frequently get asked how tall I am – so when I came across this height chart at Target, I couldn’t help but take a picture. I’m 4’11.5″, and yes, I have to add the half because when I say 5, I’m accused of lying lol.

Confession time – I used to hate my size when I first started doing interviews because I felt like no one would see me if I was trying to get an interview. I started in 2010, and if you watch those videos or look at pictures, you’ll see me in heels 90% of the time. Now? I’m NEVER in heels, because I came to the conclusion that my size works to an advantage. See the reasons below:

My size is rare – Yes, there are people who are as small as me, but they’re like 10-years-old, not 23. In this industry though? DEFINITELY. Rappers are not my size, and neither are strippers, so there you go. I stick out because of this, so people will remember me even if they don’t want to.

Harmless – I don’t look like someone who’s going to start some drama or get violent with you – which is truly why I think I’ve gotten most of my interviews.

A+ Manuever Skills – Ayeeee…. at concerts and shows, I can get by anyone. Whether that is pushing them aside and they think my body is just an arm, or bobbing and weaving to get to where I need to be.

Piggy Back Rides – When my feet hurt, I don’t care what you say – you’re carrying me.

Compact – I fit everywhere. Take for instance, if we need to pack a car and there’s no seat for me – I just lay across everyone or on the floor.

Clothes/Shoes – Don’t hate on me when I get my clothes or shoes on sale because they only have the smallest sizes left and I get them for half the price.

Overall, I love my size and am more than happy that I’m staying like this forever.