This message from Toure Roberts will make you want to put every relationship and person in your life under evaluation.

  • If you get certain things in order, you’re going to bear fruit
  • You should be happy it was taken away from you because it was taking you further away
  • Everything that can be shaken, will be shaken
  • Get excited when God shakes things in your life
  • You should only want what God ordained for your life
  • You wanted opportunity, but God wanted to recreate you. You wanted a relationship but he wanted 2.0. You wanted money but he wanted to work on you inside out
  • Be so intentional
  • What has God anointed my life for?
  • Don’t look for money, look for vision and the provision will come
  • Your future has already been funded
  • Dismantle things that will sabotage your vision
  • Nothing should have control over you – see it right


  1. Cancel every relationship that only makes withdrawals, never deposits
  • Not put on hold, pause, etc.
  • You have people riding for free
  • When you’re a good person, you assume everyone is like you
  • Bring every relationship under evaluation and make sure what was good then is still good for now
  • It takes more energy to swing and miss than to swing and land the punch – Don’t be random
  1. Place a demand of excellence on yourself, your team and anyone or everything connected to you 
  • You have to become a different person, be more relentless, more focused
  • Distractions are the enemies weapons against you
  • If you get seriously focused with what God is trying to do with you, you will get so far it will blow you away
  • It’s not a race against other people, it’s against our own mediocrity. Outrun the last level of who you were
  • When God moves you to another level some things around you won’t
  • Some people are still living in yesterday’s level of excellence instead of today
  • Keep your expectations high, don’t lower the plane
  • When Ella (baby) would take a few steps we applauded. Stopped applauding because we are affirming mediocrity
  • People will applaud you at mediocrity level, people will applaud your weakness
  • Medi = Middle, Ocre = Mountain = Middle of the mountain
  • Mediocre isn’t average, mediocre is failing
  • Don’t applaud me at the halfway point, encourage me because I still have room to grow
  • What is excellence on the next level for me?
  1. Start each day in worship, meditation and prayer 
  • This is a new season, you’ve never been here before
  • You have vision, but do you have strategy?
  • Sometimes in prayer we talk too much
  • The use of your time is connected to your purpose
  • Never underestimate the power of thinking. You’re moving without thinking. Think it through.
  • Schedule thinking into your day
  • Sometimes it’s just a tiny thing that changes the whole thing
  • Sometimes we only get the word in service when we should get it outside of it as well
  • Speak it until you see it come to pass into your life
  1. There will always be more demand in your energy than your supple. Therefore, allocate your focus and time wisely 
  • You are a limited resource
  • Put a high price on your time and focus because you don’t have it in abundance
  • You don’t have the ability to focus on everything
  • Don’t have a problem telling people “NO”
  • “No” is not a cuss word
  1. Stay motivated. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You may not see progress yet, but keep going. All at once, it will appear. 
  • Just because you got the amen, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, amen just mean it’s certain
  • Resistance and progress are married. Can’t have one without the other
  • You’ll know you’re moving forward when it’s hard. Get scared when it’s easy
  • You may not see progress, but keep going
  • You’re not passed your time and prime of your life
  • Be not weary, you’re going to reap if you don’t give up
  • It just takes a split second to not see anything then to see everything
  • What God promised, will come
  • With just a couple moves or degrees of alignment it will all come
  • It hasn’t happened yet because you’re still learning how to fight – If it happened now you wouldn’t be able to handle that warfare
  • Gods not going to give you something that persecution will take away from you
  • You already have the promise, you don’t have to work for it. The promise isn’t the issue, the process it

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