1. Things aren’t going your way: When you’re working diligently towards your dreams, life is going to throw every possible distraction your way to deter you from continuing. Don’t get discouraged, instead work harder and have faith that it will work out.

2. Rejection becomes normal: You’re okay with rejection, because you know it’s going to bring you closer to the opportunity that you truly deserve, and you know it’s going to greater than you ever imagined.

3. You’re on the verge of quitting: Sometimes things get so stressful and you begin to ask yourself – “why you’re doing this?” Why not just be content with your life right now? Now, you should always be content with life, but you should not be complacent. You should be happy and doing the things you love – every day. Life is so short, why risk not enjoying it to the fullest? It’s okay to have those doubts, but let that be momentary and move on.

4. You’re getting comfortable with being uncomfortable: You’re at the point that being uncomfortable is a normal thing for you, and that’s good because it will keep you challenging yourself. It also means that you’re out there making moves.

 5. You’re losing “friends”: You know that quote, “They want to see you do good, but never better than them”, well that definitely applies. Some people will say they’re happy for you, but you’ll know if they’re being genuine or not. Hopefully you have a solid group of friends that you can count on regardless of your career.

6. You’re building relationships: You’ll find individuals that are ambitious, positive and that continue to motivate you. Keep these people around and build with them.