Prom 2007 – Old MySpace Profile Photo

I know a lot of you can relate to the MySpace days from Tom being our only friend, struggling to decide who would be in our Top 8, writing on each other’s comments section and of course, choosing what profile song really fit our mood that day. We all then migrated to Facebook and Twitter, and now you’re reading this post because you wish you could login to your MySpace.

I wanted to do this for so long, but couldn’t because my email was an sbcglobal account. I then met my friend and twin, Roslynn, who was the Head of Music for MySpace and she reset it for me!

Well, here’s what happens when it’s reset and you login:

1. Your old “notes” are turned into HTML files that are placed into a folder you can download. Now THIS was a trip to read all my old posts – and actually one of the reasons I started doing personal stuff on my site again. I’m going to screenshot some notes from high school you’d get a good laugh at.

2. Comment section is gone. You can’t see your old comments anymore 🙁

3. Inbox is gone. I was looking forward to seeing this because of a crazy love story I’m going to share with you next week – but that’s gone too 🙁

4. Photos are all there – This was hilarious looking at old high school pictures.

Check out the gallery below to see what MySpace looks like now – I also included a preview of my old blogs (first post from 2006). Don’t even remember what I was talking about and clearly did not know the definition of capitalization and paragraphs! Hahaha. Shoutout to everyone I wrote about in that post though!

Anywayyyy –  If you want to reset your MySpace like I did, don’t feel too sad about it unless you wrote a lot of notes and don’t have the same pictures on your Facebook. The best part would have been to see old comments and messages, but it was still really interesting to get a glimpse of the past!

Thank you Roslynn for doing this for me! YOU’RE THE BEST!