10 Random Facts About Me

The other day, someone told me they were interested in doing an interview with me, but did not know what they would ask me because she felt I have already shared everything…. which sparked up a new blog post. Here are some random facts about me that you probably didn’t know:

Random Fact #1: I used to be a gymnast and a cheerleader, and did taekwondo.
I told people about me being a cheerleader, so that’s not that new. BUT, I did gymnastics from Age 5-13, then went to cheerleading from 13-18. I used to be able to do all those flips, and sometimes get sad that I don’t do that anymore because it was fun. (Not the cheerleading part, that part was annoying, but the gymnastics part and stunts where they would throw me in the air). I also did Taekwondo and stopped after I got my blue belt.

Random Fact #2: I have really bad eyes.
I wanted to get LASIK but didn’t qualify because my prescription changes so much. I cannot see shit without my contacts or glasses.

Random Fact #3: I’m addicted to Pepsi.
My love for Pepsi is so bad, that my parents and brother hide the pop whenever I go home to visit lol. I’ve been trying to force myself to drink water every time I drink Pepsi to balance it out. Oh – and it is definitely pepsi over coke.

Random Fact #4: I love basketball.
I wanted to play basketball in middle school and high school, but went the gymnastics/cheerleading route. My best shot is at the top of the key for whatever reason. Don’t play me in the mini arcade basketball games because I will literally destroy you.

Random Fact #5: I have a lot of birthmarks.
Most people mistake the birthmark on my ankle as a bruise (it’s one of those big pink ones), and I have a lot of other birthmarks as well. My ankle, thigh, leg, ear, water line of my eye and my waist.

Random Fact #6: I’ve never been stung by a bee, but I have been by a jellyfish.
I’m terrified of bees because I’ve never been stung by one – but I have been stung by a jellyfish. Being stung by a jellyfish hurts like a bitch and I hope it never happens again. It hurt so bad that I won’t get in the water if I know jellyfish are around… and no, I didn’t have anyone pee on me when it happened.

Random Fact #7: I had my first peanut butter & jelly sandwich my Freshman year of high school. 
I know, ridiculous – but I am a very picky eater and growing up my parents would make me turkey sandwich’s… which I actually threw away during lunch because I didn’t like sandwiches. When I told my class I never had one, one day we all made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in homeroom just so I would have it.

Random Fact #8: I have double-pierced ears, and couldn’t get a belly button ring.
I have double-pierced ears but never wore that many earrings because the spacing of it is way too far. I got it done in the Philippines, and it’s literally a centimeter apart lol. I’ve been waiting for it to close…. but it won’t. Also, I wanted to get my belly button pierced but they said I didn’t have enough skin and it would just rip out. Ew.

Random Fact #9: My bladder is the size of a 2-year-old.
I have to pee before I leave my apartment, or anywhere for that matter. I fear getting stuck somewhere and not being able to pee if I really have to such as traffic. Yes, I can pop a squat in public, but that’s not the look lol so I just go before I leave, sometimes multiple times just so I can avoid that.

Random Fact #10: I watch an entire TV series all over again.
After I watch an entire TV series, I’ll watch it all over again in a year or so. Weird, I know – but you really do forget about some of the things that happened when they have 10 seasons! I’ve watched Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, 90210 twice, and now watching Scandal.

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