Calendar Pages and ClockI’m technically nowhere near my mid-life crisis, and can’t say I’ve had my quarter-life crisis since I’m only 24… But whatever the right term would be, I’ve had some kind of crisis, and I’ll have an even bigger one when I turn 25 on June 28, 2015.

I’ve been going through my old notebooks and planners to see what I haven’t accomplished yet, and came up with a list of everything I need to accomplish before I’m 25. Here’s my list:

Build my YouTube channel.
I started my first channel in 2009, and have had so many different channels because I kept changing the username smh. I’ve been saying I need to be consistent because I’ve never been able to do so. I want to keep putting out the inspirational videos, and start putting my interviews/productions on my own channel as well. In addition to that, I want to start posting video blogs about random topics as well to really get my personality out there.

Be one of the top sites in the world. ranks websites globally as well as by country. At one point this year, out of all the websites that exist, I was ranked top 2 million globally, and ranked top 600,000 in the U.S. Before I’m 25, I’d like to be 100,000 in the U.S. I plan to go about that by posting MORE. Consistency just seems to be my issue, and that’s something I need to really improve on.

TV Gig.
I’ve had on-camera one-off’s here and there, and I’ve produced a lot of pieces for DJ Skee’s TV show, SKEE Live, but I want to have a larger on-camera presence on TV.

Talent agent.
I want to have a talent agent that specializes in on-camera/hosting. I really want to expand my portfolio, and although I like doing things on my own, it would nice to have an agent do that for me.

Get verified on Twitter.
I know it doesn’t mean much now since a lot of people have been getting verified, but I need to be verified. It’s been a goal of mine since they even started verifying accounts, and I get annoyed because if you look at my account and the “similar to” literally all 20 of the people they show are verified artists, personalities or outlets. I need to  be verified already.

I always envisioned having customized notebooks and planners. I’v never really wrote about it, but my planner, is no joke. And those who have seen it, would back up that statement 1000%. I have to write everything down, so I have notebooks for days – the notebooks are used for writing notes from preachings, prayers, ideas, etc. and they all have their own notebook. I also would like to have clothing, just don’t know what it would be yet. Either way, I need to have some kind of merchandise.

Well, it’s October 6, 2014 – I’ve got about 8 months to accomplish all of this so I can start working on my next list. I promise you, my master list is never ending. Keep me accountable guys!