Purpose Over Everything

This message from Toure Roberts will inspire you to not focus on your image.

  • What God has sent you to do is much bigger than your image
  • Sometimes God will put you in a situation that requires you to be a different person
  • Image sometimes get in the way of what God wants to do with your life
  • It’s not about how you look, it’s about what you carry
  • It’s either going to be His glory, or your glory
  • What promotion or increase is your image keeping you from?
  • Everybody wants the image but no one wants to pay the price
  • Sometimes we ask God, “why does it have to be me that has to go through this?” when you should ask, “why not you?”
  • You’re looking for help from outside and the help that you really need is inside
  • God will put pressure on the outside to make you look at the inside. The glory comes from within and it’s what changes people’s lives
  • If you don’t kill it, God will
  • Be thankful everyday – you never know what’s going to happen
  • Sometimes we only thank God for what He did but what’s worthy of Thanksgiving is what God didn’t allow to happen
  • Sudden terror doesn’t mean the end
  • Sometimes the reason God allows something to come on suddenly necessitates a sudden attack to bring it up – needs a sudden you to rise up to a challenge
  • The sudden thing brings out a better version of you when you don’t have time to negotiate survival
  • A powerful version of you will only emerge when your back is against the wall
  • Inner-security is critical
  • Greater is He that is in me
  • Stop trying to win with your outer
  • You think if you can get your outer you’ll attract people. If people are attracted to your outer, you’re attracting the wrong people
  • If they only value your outer, they’ll never appreciate your inner
  • If you get whole in the inside you’ll never have to open your legs
  • Open your mouth, not your legs
  • Your inner will attract the right people
  • Keep your “why” in sight
  • Always fight back
  • Do something! Don’t just take it
  • God will fight for you
  • All you have to care about is getting the message out
  • There are people relying on you sacrificing your image for the sake of purpose
  • Who’s life has changed because of you?

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