It was prom season my senior year, and I was helping my friend, Sam ask this girl. When you look at the picture on the left, it is obvious we did something with the girl’s car, and may not look like there is a story behind it – but there is.

So we decided to go about this during our lunch break. Sam had the streamers and tape ready, but it took forever to find this girl’s car. Of course, Sam being Sam, didn’t have anything thought out – so we winged it. Instead of making a fancy poster we were thinking, let’s just spell “Prom?” considering we were on a time limit.

Sam didn’t know how to make things nice and neat, so I ended up having to spell it out so it looked like he actually put effort into it, or else it would have just looked like a disaster. The non-invisible scotch tape already made it looked terrible, so we needed to make it as nice as possible.

I’m pretty sure Sam didn’t buy streamers and more than likely found them in his house somewhere, because mid-M we ran out and well, as you can see – our ‘O’ looks like a triangle.

Our lunch was almost over so we had to pick up the process. Sam yelled, “why did you have to make the letters so big in the first place?!” and suggested that we start over.. which would not have worked out genius because the ugly tape you picked was too heavy and would rip the streamers. So, I came up with a better plan.

Me: I got an idea!

Sam: What?

Me: Give me the tape.

Then I started sticking tape on the back window…

Sam: What are you doing?

Me: If we put tape on the parts where they would have been if we spelled out ‘M,’ and use the little bit of streamers we had left to stick it under the tape, it will just make it seem like the wind blew away the streamers, she will never know!

We both died of laughter.. and hey, when she came out she said yes to him, I threw in the “it was so much nicer when we first decorated! stupid wind, it took away part of the ‘M’ and we couldn’t catch the streamers in time… sorry.”

You know what I just realized Sam? We didn’t even put the question mark. Extra. fail.

Lesson: if you’re going to ask someone to prom, do it when you have time, and make sure you have enough material.