Last week I asked God to remove people in my life that didn’t need to be there anymore.

Ever since that prayer, I began to notice that people were slowly drifting away, and are continually doing so.

The reason I asked for this was because I didn’t want anything or anyone to be a distraction with everything I have made a priority in my life: family, school, work, friends.

Even though it was sad when I began to realize that I wasn’t as close to some people as I thought, I remembered that this is what I had asked for.

There’s always a reason why God puts people in your life. He may use them to encourage you, help you, or bring you down so you can learn lessons and be stronger – but, we have to remember that some people aren’t meant to be in your lives forever, and it may take a lot of time for you to understand why.

Before you go to bed tonight, ask for this prayer and see how much your life changes over time. Just remember, it’s all for the better.