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Toure Roberts

  • Often times we are so distracted from our own hands by looking at the hands of others
  • Everyone has a good hand and you are never without a hand based on your ability
  • Your hand is given to you based on what God knows you can handle
  • When you work what you have, God opens up new doors to you
  • You don’t even know what’s assigned in your life yet because you haven’t fully worked the talents and explored the opportunities out there for you
  • God anointed you to expand and to become more than you think you are. You don’t even know who you are until you step fully into the opportunities God setup for you
  • People who have a lot of talent and opportunities are often the laziest people on the planet. Stuff that is difficult for others are easy for you and instead of leveraging the fact that you’re extremely gifted you’re just lazy. You can do what it takes others 2 months in 2 days.
  • The curse of the gifted = procrastinating and continually putting it off
  • You’re looking at your hand wrong
  • God didn’t put you in this planet to lose
  • A person with a winning mentality and only 2 talents will go so much further than the person with 5 talents that’s just trying to get by
  • You think you don’t have enough because you’re comparing (social media). Social media should be post and get off. Social media is just an opportunity to compare hands. You don’t even know if it’s a real hand, it can be 2 fingers with 3 fingers photoshopped
  • God knows what you need
  • I don’t have the weapons you have, but the weapons I have…
  • Opportunity is fair. Whether you have 1,2 or 5000 opportunities – in divine opportunity there is always expansion
  • If you’re not careful you’re going to see your hand wrong and if you see your hand wrong, you’re not going to be able to see what’s in your hand
  • If you look at your hand and see lack and nothing – then you have nothing. It’s a threat to your destiny
  • Don’t doubt me no more! – You have to have that kind of mentality
  • Don’t talk about it, be about it
  • You’re trying to do 5 things and you only have to do 1 thing…
  • When your mentality is off you end up doing crazy stuff
  • When you’re not seeing yourself right, you will dig yourself into a hole. Your opportunities will be buried
  • Sometimes the hand you had yesterday is not the hand you have today
  • Think blackjack: when you know you’re good you have that confidence. Some of you used to have such great confidence. Then you get 15. Doesn’t seem like anything and the worst hand – but it’s only sucky because you don’t know what the next card is
  • When God deals a hand He has both insight and foresight
  • If you believed in the value that you have in your hand, you would’ve won
  • There’s something in your hand that will make sense in the world around you – Play your hand
  • To much is given, much is required
  • If God brought you to the table, you’re supposed to be at that table

God Bless,

Jen DeLeon