ParkingLot2 There are a lot of people varied in different age groups that stated they lack motivation and the drive to achieve their goals in life. This topic is based off motivation and the importance of achieving your dreams using a metaphor of a car.

Park yourself. Write down a list of the stuff that you would like to do in life; education-related, random things you want to do and goals you want to achieve. Keep that list somewhere you will find it everyday.

Reverse. There are two points to this; the good reverse and the bad reverse. Look back in your past and see what you did wrong in order to achieve these things. Did you take a wrong turn which led you to a different path? Were you scared to do it? Did someone keep you from doing it? What were the distractions? Think of what went wrong, remember them, learn them and keep it embedded in your brain. Don’t let those mistakes from the past keep you from your future. Now for the bad reverse – Once you figured out what went wrong before, NEVER look back. Stay focus, keep on, drive.

Drive yourself to be where you want to be. Think of your destination, as if it were a road trip. Be prepared to stop because things will be thrown at you to push you to give up. NEVER I repeat, NEVER give up.

Anyone is capable of doing anything in life; it all depends on how bad someone wants it and how far he/she goes to get it. I am one to believe that anything can happen if you put your mind into it.

Focal Point: Push yourself if you truthfully want it, have the appropriate intentions and everything will fall into place.