When you know your purpose and who you are, it’s hard to give your 100% and own it because it feels like it works more against you than for you. This past Sunday, Devon Franklin spoke on how your difference is your destiny.

1 Samuel 17:1-58
— Maybe some of the negative things you’re going through are not because God ordained it, but because you declared it
— You have to align what you’re saying with what you see
— Are you going to pursue what you saw? Or pursue what is popular?
— It’s not that God didn’t ordain it, it’s that you’re seeking popularity over purpose
— We undervalue our experience because it doesn’t look like other people in the industry that we work in. God is qualifying you, He’s just doing it in a way that’s never been done – You’re not like them
— Stop thinking you’re not qualified for what you know you’re destined to do
— When our difference is challenged we want to conform
— When you try to conform your difference to a social or cultural form, you will not have peace, it will not fit and you will be restricted – You’re trying to fit someone else’s vision for what you’re supposed to be
— Stop trying to live underneath your calling
— Trust that God will make way
— Am I going to try this or that? Or am I just going to try and be me?
— Exchanging for what makes us different to what makes us comfortable
— Embrace all of your difference
— Do not be worry about being pigeonholed. Some people will know you for one thing, other people will know you for another. As long as you know who you are, who cares how they know you. Just care that they know you for your difference
— God is using how someone relates to you to win them and they’ll know you overtime
— Owning our difference is a painful process because it’s lonely
— If it’s not for you and it’s not you, don’t do it at the expense of your peace
— When you’re alone, don’t spend that time being depressed, spend that time preparing for what God is going to do in your life
— The more you own your difference, the more it’s going to prepare you for what He has prepared for you
— There are people who are drawn to you, then people who are drawn to what you do
— You may be lonely, but you’re not alone. God is with you
— Do not mistake someone else’s difference for our difference
— Continue to spend time with God and you’ll understand what your difference really is
— What was the key to what you did in the industry?
— Faith is not the obstacle to success, it’s the path to success
— God shows favor and a way in you in an industry that is against all that
— I don’t want you to think that because God allowed you to work with Will Smith means they’re the reason. It’s because there’s greatness in you too! You’re in proximity because of your difference
— When you don’t own your difference you are stuck
— What God put in you, nobody else has
— The way you look, write, see, is not an accident. Your difference will take you to your destiny
— You’re out here seeking, but you already have what it takes to make it
— Your difference is your destiny
— Honoring your difference will change the whole story of your generation
— There is no giant that can stand in the way of your difference
— Stop trying to be a copy of someone else because there’s no one else in this world that can do what you do
— The more you own your difference, the more you set yourself up
— Have peace in who God called you to be. Your thoughts aren’t crazy, they’re divine