If you decided to read this, then you’re obviously not happy – and that’s okay, at least you can admit it. It’s better than most people who try to pretend and convince themselves that they’re happy, or those who don’t even realize how unhappy they are because it has become their normal. Up until 2018, I was happy when it came to my career and family, but unhappy when it came to anything outside of that because I never put as much effort into myself as a person as I did with my career. I can now say I am 90% happy with my life because I’ve been working towards my happiness and being the best me, and I know I’ll be 100% happy very soon. Here are some reasons why you may not be happy and how you can get that happiness.

1. You’re trying to find happiness outside of you.
Whether it’s in people or vices, neither one will make you happy. They may make you happy in the moment, but you’ll never find true happiness until you find it within yourself. Running away from your problems or finding distractions will only make you even more unhappy when you realize they are not the solution.

2. You don’t see yourself right.
When you don’t know your worth, you will settle – relationships, jobs, etc. You will think life doesn’t get better than this, and become content. You will tolerate things that you are so much better than. Know your worth. Know your value. See yourself right.

3. You haven’t made yourself a priority.
There is a time in your life when you have to be completely selfish. It’s okay to be there for others, but it’s not okay to not be there for yourself.

4. You’re not being yourself.
Never underestimate the power of being yourself. There is no one like you! So many doors and opportunities open when you’re yourself – Stop trying to be someone that you think you have to be because that’s what will be accepted. Stop caring about what people think. Be yourself and the ones who love you will accept you and the ones who don’t aren’t meant to be in your life.

5. Your priorities aren’t straight.
What goals have you been wanting to accomplish? What’s on your to-do list have you been putting off the past week, past month, maybe even the past year? What did you do today? If you can’t say anything that goes with your goals, then your priorities aren’t straight. I work towards my goals and myself everyday whether it be 1 hour or 10 hours.

6. You’re afraid to do what you really want to do.
I get really sad when I hear/know people who didn’t even try to go after their dreams because it is all possible. Just take the steps to do it! It is so much better to at least try and see if it would work or not work, than look up 10 years later wondering what would have happened if you just tried. Really, what do you have to lose?

7. You have the wrong people in your life.
Some people are meant to be in your life forever, others are only meant to be there for a season and lesson. Take inventory of the people in your life. You cannot get to the next level of your life because some people just cannot go with you!

8. You’re not doing what you’re supposed to do.
How many moves do you know you’re supposed to make, but won’t because you’re secure in comfortability or fear the outcome? I’ve made it a point to get out of my comfort zones because when you stay in them, you will not grow.

9. You’re not actually working on yourself.
As I said in the beginning, I was so focused on my career I didn’t work on myself. And I don’t mean working on just the outside, I mean the inside. What flaws and hidden insecurities do you have? What can you do to be better? Do you even know what those are? Work on YOU and everything else around you will fall into place.

10. You lack faith and patience.
Get rid of your imaginary timeline. Things aren’t on your time, they’re on God’s. It’s crazy, the very thing you’re being so impatient about will happen when you show real faith and you are actually patient about it.

All of the above are easier said than done, but I know from experience that if you can overcome those, you’ll find happiness. Please make it a priority to be happy. There is no amount of accomplishments, money or attention that will give you true happiness if you don’t have that within.