Kill The Bull РT.D. Jakes
  • There are some things that you bring with you that threaten to pollute you if you don’t detach yourself from them
  • Detachment is a process, it’s not easy but if you don’t do it it’s dangerous
  • You cannot birth the baby if you’re not going to cut the cord
  • What gave you life at one point becomes dangerous at another point if you don’t detach and go to another level
  • Not growing is dangerous – You’re supposed to be ever evolving
  • A call = Being able to move in a direction and go through the transition from where you were to where He is calling you
  • You’re trying to run away from the conditions without conversion – and the master will always chase what He still owns
  • Transform your mind
  • New possibilities, new opportunities, new mindset… but you still have your old attitude
  • Isn’t it funny how you can be out of something but still crave it? Do you crave stuff you’re not supposed to crave?
  • God understands it’s a process (change)
  • I’m not finished yet, and when I do think I’m finished something will come along and show me
  • You’ve been depressed long enough, you’ve been carrying something that you didn’t have to – God is going to bring you liberty
  • Pass something down to make it easier for others
  • How do you function in the position you’re in now? (Transition)
  • Every new step requires a new mentality, a new attitude and a new perspective
  • Wealth of a master, mentality of a slave
  • Just because you have the desire for it doesn’t mean you have the mindset to handle it
  • There’s a difference between a man and a husband, and a woman and a wife
  • Change does not come easy
  • Buying what you want, begging for what you need
  • You got the raise but you continue to function with the same mentality that you had before so you find yourself in the same place
  • There’s nothing worse than lying to yourself
  • EVERYTHING has side effects
  • Everyone has a few bulls somewhere
  • What do you worship other than God? Church isn’t the only thing that takes up offerings, anything you give time to takes up offerings. Everything takes an offering
  • God allowed you to go through some stuff so your son, your sons sons, don’t have to go through that
  • You will have monuments that stop you from moving forward and you will die
  • Move into your destiny and forget your history
  • Don’t try to kill the bull on your own. Get in God’s presence and kill the bull
  • Get the thing you’ve been dragging all week and bring it to God
If these notes blessed you, pass them along to someone that you think would be blessed by them too!
God Bless,
Jen DeLeon