Obey and Get Out of the Way
DeVon Franklin
  • Some of you wait for the blessing, then you praise Him
  • What your praying for has already been answered
  • It’s already on the way – Get ready to receive it
  • Get out of how you feel because your feelings will make you feel like things are worse than they actually are
  • Our feelings don’t always tell us the reality of what God is doing
  • If you knew what God has in store for the next chapter of your life, you would look back at this moment thinking, “why was I so upset?”
  • There are blessings that are being held back not because they’re not ordained for us, but because we have not submit to obeying to everything He has called for us to do
  • There are things God called you to do, that you still have not done
  • When we begin to do everything He has called us to do, our life changes in the moment for the better
  • So much of what we’re experiencing in life has to do with an area we’re not completely obedient to
  • When we are obedient, we get the very best – when we are disobedient we feel good in the moment, but pay a heavy price
  • Sometimes when we hear from God we go the opposite direction – Jonah didn’t have a hearing problem, he had a doing problem
  • Most of us wonder where God is, but He’s right there you’re just not taking enough time to hear from Him
  • We spend more time on our phones than we do with God – Cell phone towers are trying to create 5G but to have that the tower has to be closer to the person
  • What disrupts our hearing? We aren’t spending enough time with Him
  • Get in a position where you hear from God the first of the day
  • Our first instinct is to grab our phone, keep your phone not arms length from you so the first thing you do is reach to God and not your phone
  • In order to get a signal it has to come into the building which is why there isn’t service sometimes until you get outside of it – We are allowing people into our vicinity that block our reception
  • You have to check your family, friends, etc., and ask yourself when you’re around this person do you feel closer to God or further from God?
  • We have people in our lives that when we speak positive, they speak negative. When we speak light, they speak death. And you wonder why life is going the way that it should?
  • Not everybody that is around you is for you. Not everybody around you is going where God is trying to take you
  • Who are you texting all day? We waste so much time on people and conversations and situations that we wonder why we aren’t further along in life. Why? Because we are allowing people to drain our energy, take our space, distract us and detour us
  • You gotta get your focus back by being mindful of how you spend your time
  • Your reception is blocked
  • Begin to evaluate how you feel after you engage with somebody – People around you drain your energy
  • God is speaking to you right now, but you’re focused on something He has already resolved
  • You’re so worried about tomorrow – God is going to give you what you need today
  • We allow our problems to disrupt our hearing
  • God is speaking, but are you hearing?
  • The dilemma is, are we going to do what we hear or are we not?
  • Are you going to do what you believe God called you to do or are you going to do what you want to do?
  • Doing what God wants us to do over doing what we want to do
  • People will tell you someone’s not for you but you don’t care because in your mind you’re going to make that person the person and ignore the red flags because you think they’ll turn pink and white
  • We knew it wasn’t for us to begin with but tried to service our way instead of God’s way
  • The word God has given over your life is your path to peace and freedom because He knows who you are
  • Sometimes the only way to get free is to face the fear of doing what He called you to do
  • Embrace discomfort – Discomfort leads to our destiny
  • The reason you can’t sleep at night is because God already told you it’s time to leave because it’s not nourishing you the way it once used to. It’s like spoiled milk.
  • Are you living in an environment that is already expired?
  • Where are your escapes in life? Where are you filling your time with?
  • We’re psyching ourselves into believing we have more peace than we actually do
  • We spend so much of our time escaping from God instead of submitting to God
  • Is God the authority of your life?
  • Are you taking the word God gave you and asking someone God did not give that word to for the permission to do it?

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God Bless,
Jen DeLeon