When I reflect back on my life, I cannot help but smile and be grateful because of the many things that I have been blessed with.  In the past, I did not know why things were working in my favor, until I realized it was due to the fact that I had so much faith in God, and in myself. I never gave up, and  “No” was not a complete sentence if you were having a conversation with me.

People in the past have always asked, “How did you do that?” or “Who got you that job?” Society has manipulated us to believe that for some reason, the only way to get what you want is to know someone, and that is really not the case. Yes, knowing someone is helpful, but you have to start somewhere – believing in yourself.

If I want or need something, and someone says “no” I just take it as they forgot to complete their sentence. “No… what?” thanks to my mentor, is my new way of thinking.

What they really meant to say was:

“No, not now – but call me next week and we can talk about it.”

“No, I cannot help you with that, but you can talk to John and he can help.”

“No, even though I can’t help you, I know you’ll find a way.”

If someone doesn’t let me through the front door, I’ll find my way around to the back. It’s the way I have always been since I was a child. That does not mean that I am stubborn, it means that I am dedicated. When I believe or want something, it has been in my nature to keep pushing until it is in my grasp.

Today I’d like you to think of all the things that stopped you from going after what you want. Think about what more you could have done or said, before you gave up and walked away. Was it because you felt that you didn’t have a team of people supporting you? Did you not have the funds to do it? Or did you not think it was possible?

If we always take “no” for an answer, we will remain stuck in the situations we are in. We should not stop pursuing our goals and dreams because someone else thinks it is not possible, or something went wrong, because, there is ALWAYS a way.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”