I was honestly cracking up when I first thought of writing a post on this.

Okay, so about six years ago I went with my two best girl friends, Lauren and Kat to New York for Lauren’s birthday and graduation.. I think? Well, one I don’t even know why I went with them because I had only known these two for about six months tops, but I like how they took me on vacation with them.

I was a Junior in high school when we went, and I knew my parents were not about to let me go with two other teenage girls to New York City by ourselves. So, I lied and said that it was Lauren and her whole family going lol. (Sorry Dad if you are reading this — at least we can laugh about it now! Hopefully…. lol) I told them about three weeks before we left, and they didn’t really give me a yes or no answer.

The night before I was about to leave I started packing. My parents asked what I was doing and I responded with, “packing for new york!” They completely forgot, but really couldn’t say anything anymore because I got the ticket lol. Well, so we went and the girls were in shock when I showed up at Lauren’s with my little duffel bag. That was all I packed for five days of vacation.

I ended up having to borrow all their clothes. Anyway.. so we always talk about this up until this day – I absolutely did not like them at all at this time. What went wrong?

Well first, we just recently became friends so they were stuck to each other like glue and I thought they were the weirdest people ever. All they kept doing was taking pictures with Puerto Rican flags and wanted to sleep in the same bed (there were two) and they were mad when I didn’t want to sleep in theirs lol.

They like sightseeing, I hated it. I didn’t want to go to the wax museum and I really didn’t want to go to the Legally Blonde Broadway. It’s funny though, because I actually ended up liking it a lot. Then the ultimate drawback, trying to find ground zero. I swear we walked all of New York City and never found it.

Now for the worst part of the entire trip lol. I HATE LA GUARDIA AIRPORT!! We were on standby and we waited at the airport the whole day – not even exaggerating, morning to night. On top of that, we lived off Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sticks because there was nothing else in gate D. When I was sick of Auntie Anne’s, I left the gate to get Wendy’s, and they wouldn’t let me back in, can’t even remember why.

After that, we were only able to get on certain flights with two of us, but there were three so that was a fail. Long story short, we ended up having to sleep at Lauren’s brothers, and caught a flight the next day. (So I guess I was only partially lying because we did see her family lol)

It has been over three years since we went, and now they are my best friends ever. If we went to New York, it would be a completely different story because I actually like them now lol. On a brighter note, New York wasn’t all that bad — I had a comfy bed, got to be on our own, we got first class, and it is a hilarious story to tell now. I should have known it was going to be bad news when we ran into the one person I did not like at the time at freaking O’Hare airport before we left. How does that happen?! Haha oh high school drama.

Here are a bunch of random pictures from the trip. The ones that crack me up the most is where they’re together on their bed and I look like I want to hang myself on mine hahahahaha. I’m glad you guys liked me a lot to bring me on this trip, sorry for not liking you back then lol — I love you guys now!

Even though New York sucked at the time, I’m happy I went lol.

Since I categorized this under “stories and lessons” it doesn’t feel right to not give it a lesson. So… how about if you ever get stuck at La Guardia, be prepared to live off cinnamon sticks, don’t leave your stupid gate because you won’t get let back in, pack a luggage – not a duffel back for vacation and be open-minded because you might actually like some of the things you’d thing you hate!