I’m off to the Philippines & will be there for Christmas and New Year, so I sat up thinking, what is going to be my last blog before I leave? I decided to post, My New Year’s Resolutions.

Not going to lie, I don’t think I have ever accomplished any of my resolutions all my life, how depressing haha. Last year I had eleven (who has eleven) and I accomplished none so let’s try it again for 2010.
Be Positive. Insecurity & low self-esteem, something I feel a lot of my readers can relate to. No matter what the situation, I want to be positive, whether it’s achieving my goals or how I feel about myself as a person.
Forgive & Forget. We all go through our situations, and I’m sure we couldn’t count how many times we have been angry or disappointed in someone. No good comes out of clinging onto the past or holding grudges, which is something I had/have a huge problem with. I want to learn to forgive & forget no matter how hard it is. I feel that we all take advantage of the time we have with people, and forget that there are no promises in life. Why stay angry at people for things that won’t matter to you five years from now?
Be the bigger person at the end of the day. This is something that I truly believe a lot of us need to overcome. There are a few factors that get in the way of this: pride and being stubborn. Everything from, wanting to get the last word in a fight, feeling the need to say something that makes you mad or not wanting to apologize for something you know you are in the wrong for. It’s something we all have to overcome and definitely another thing on my new year’s resolution list.
Selfless. We take for granted some of the things that we have: the house over our heads, the clothes on our back and the leftover food we throw away. We tend to have the mindset of, “it’s my way or the highway.” I want to be selfless and put others before myself. One way I want to do this is that instead of always praying for what I want and what I need. I want to pray for someone I know, as well as a stranger (someone I run into somewhere, or someone I know of but have no relationship with) every night before I go to sleep.
Be Happy. For some reason if one minor thing went wrong, I would let it get to me and ruin my day. I want to be happy by remembering everything I have, and forgetting about the little things that I don’t. I will always remind myself that it could always be worst.
Well, there are my new year’s resolutions, I hope this encourages you guys to make some for yourself too 🙂 and if I did, let me know because that would make my day!
Goodbye 2009.. 2010 is about to be an amazing year.

See you when I get back!


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