Okay, maybe not hate lol but isn’t fond. This blog is about something we can all definitely relate to – the unwritten rule that if your friend/family member doesn’t like someone, you can’t like them either.

Last week I was running some errands and I ran into this girl.. we will call her Leslie. Anyway, Leslie and I became friends my freshman year in college. Hadn’t seen her in awhile, and when I did, I said “hi” because we made eye contact, and she just gave me the most awkward smile, no not even a smile lol a smirk, and kept walking when I was in the middle of asking how she was.

The reason she did it is because one of her good friends isn’t okay with me – well, I wouldn’t say not okay, we just don’t talk anymore. So I guess she felt that she couldn’t talk to me either because of that? I don’t know.

It’s sad because Leslie used to think I didn’t like her just because I didn’t get along with one of her good friends. But since when was it a rule to not like someone because of association? I never had a problem with Leslie and it sucked that she always thought that. I always wanted things to be okay with her and did try, but after her not acknowledging me when I said hi, well obviously it doesn’t matter anymore. I wasn’t being nice because I felt like I had to, I sincerely wanted to know how she was doing because she used to be one of my friends.

Anyway, I didn’t tell this story because I am crying myself to sleep every night over it lol here is the purpose:

Sadly, I see this happen a lot with everyone. I admit, I used to be the same way.. until I realized it was so stupid. I bet you can all agree when I say it happened a lot in high school. Bottom line – this shouldn’t exist in high school, after high school, or at all for that matter.

Lesson here is there are always two sides to a story, and you’re not part of the dilemma person A and person B have with each other, so stop acting like it actually affects you. Although it happens when you don’t mean for it to, you can’t be bias because it is one of your good friends/families situations. I mean, at least be fake and force yourself to say hi lol, there is no reason to be rude – especially when they’ve never done anything to you.

This goes for everyone, I am not talking about just Leslie. I get it, it’s in our nature, but honestly? Why can’t we all be friends? Lol, just saying.

Oh, and Leslie, in case you do see this – I really can’t imagine you being mean to anyone, so if it wasn’t your intention to do that, then I apologize for writing this post. Then again, I did look you straight in the eye and we were like a foot away from each other lol sooo sorry for saying hi?

Anyway, I vote let’s not be bias anymore and feel obligated to not like/talk to someone just because someone close of us doesn’t. The world will be a happier place.