It’s Been A While

My favorite position in bed - College - 2010 - Jen DeLeon

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post, so I wanted to go out with a bang this week and tell you my favorite position in bed.

I’ve been getting a lot of sleep lately – but the way I sleep is interesting:

1. My bed needs to be against the wall (even though I don’t sleep against the wall).

2. I have four pillows, but never use them for my head. I just like having them around, and if I do use them, they’re in between my legs/arms, or I’ll sleep with my head under them.

3. Must be in a ball. Can’t sleep with my legs or arms stretched out – In fact, I’m even like this at the dinner table. Curled up. I’ll even do it in public. Such great manners, right? Fuck it. I’m comfortable.

4. Cannot sleep on my back. It feels hard to breathe when I do that, so I sleep either on my side or stomach – usually on my side.

5. Oversized shirt, or shirt and shorts. I can’t wear pants, hoodies or socks to sleep. It’s uncomfortable.

The best part about this post? I have a random photo that my best friend James took of me back in college (2010). He found it hilarious because of how small I looked in my bed – but look closely. It’s everything I explained, and was not planned at all lol.

Anyway… sorry to disappoint to those who thought this was going to be about something else perverts – I wasn’t lying though. This is my favorite position in bed, I just meant it literally 😉

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