Hey everyone, so I’ve had quite a few people reaching out asking why they haven’t received a copy of My Church Notes so I first wanted to apologize for the delay and explain why you haven’t received them, and what you have to look forward to!

The book is completely free. The book itself, and the shipping is completely free. Each book costs $8.00 to print and ship, and I’ve had about 400 orders so far – and that’s the cost for how small it is now. This book is only 62 pages, with notes from April 2013-June 2014, I have notes every week up until today. To send all those immediately is costly, and I don’t want to charge for them – which is why I send about 30 per month.

There will always be a  new version. As I said, these are notes from April 2013-June 2014. My plan for the book is to update it all the way until the end of 2016, so that there’s always a new version at the top of the year – so really, the later you get them, the better because it will be the most updated.

It’s very time consuming. It takes me about 1 hour to hand write 3 sermons, so just imagine how long that’s really going to take me to update up until this day. Once it is completed, I xerox them, then I have to update the file, print the book (takes 7-10 days), have it shipped to my place, and then I package each book, then go to the post office.

I’ve created an e-version. Since it’ll take some time to get all the orders out, I’ve created an e-version of the book. If you’d like a copy of the e-version, until  you receive your physical copy, just fill out the form here.

Newsletter. I will send a newsletter every Sunday of notes from that service (not the ones in the book) so you have something to inspire you at the top of every week.

I sincerely apologize for the delay on My Church Notes and I appreciate your patience!

God bless,