— If it don’t fit, don’t force it
— I very seldom do things without a reason
— Take no thought
— It’s not just how we think of the future, it’s what we think about it
— Why are you worried about your future? You’re worried about things that haven’t even happened yet
— Be anxious for nothing
— Don’t use your mind against you
— Crazy peace = When you go through something where you’d normally act a certain way but for some reason ‍you’re good. Don’t know why I’m good but I am (Peace of God)
— Peace with God. Peace of God. Peace in God.
— Peace that makes no sense
— Everything is going to be alright
— You’re not in this by yourself. God created you with your needs
— If God doesn’t work it out…. then guess what? It’s not going to work. If God didn’t fix it, it can’t be fixed. If God didn’t heal it, it can’t be healed. If God didn’t bring you out, you can’t bring yourself out
— Why are you up? Go to bed and get some rest. That’s how the enemy gets you. He gets your mind
— The enemy wants to worry you so much that you lose your creativity, passion and  influence
— The devil goes after what you care about so he can get your mind and you lose your power
— Can the enemy be stealing your today with your worry about tomorrow?
— Everything is there it’s just blurred
— We make dumb decisions because we can’t see
— Do what you’re supposed to do for God and He will skew your vision. Right now it’s blurred because you put everything before Him
— The enemy is going to go after your mind so you go crazy over things only God can fix
— The principle beyond reaping and sewing are blessings you didn’t know where they came from
— God says if you trust me I will take you to the next dimension
— If you focus on God, He will give you things you never sewed
— If you focus on what God needs, He will focus on what you need
— If you focus on what I told you to do, I’ll focus on what you asked me to do
— If you’re going to watch out for you, why should I watch out for you? If you’re going to open doors for you, why should I open doors for you?
— Anxious = Negative faith
— What you are saying to yourself is bringing that negative fait
— The only reason you’re snared are because of the things coming out of your mouth
— What people say about you doesn’t matter – what you say about you is what matters