Today’s message was from Toure Roberts, Managing Capacity.

— You’ve succumbed to the negative possibility because it seems logical
— When you succumb to the threat you actually end up living the reality of the threat and end up bringing on the thing you were afraid of
— If you stay alive with faith, time will prove it was never off
— Where you thought there was no life, there was much life
— Everything around you has potential to stay the same… Change necessitates pressing because everything about you wants to stay the same
— In order to walk in God’s full potential you must be intentional
— Stop what you normally do (fasting)
— What was a blessing last season may not be a blessing this season – If you don’t make a shift when God requires it could be a curse today
— Avoid sameness
— I need you to not be random
— You think you have all the time in the world. Whenever a new year comes along you think you have 12 months, no you don’t
— Crown of favor is for PURPOSE and it’s only there for a season so you need to walk through that door and accomplish everything God wants you to accomplish
— Resources to pay attention to:
1. Your time – The worst thing you can do is waste my time
What are you doing with your time? Who are you giving your time to? You have to account for every second
2. Your energy – If you put energy into this, you won’t have energy for that, so you have to guard it and protect it
— Every time you do something it costs you energy
— Never make a phone call when an email will do
— Sometimes the best use of your energy is your prayer life
— What God has for you in this season, needs all your time and energy
— Don’t be a people pleaser
You give yourself to everyone but yourself
3. Money
— It costs to think
— If you’re going to hire someone it’s so they can think for themselves
— Work smarter not harder
— The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord
— Get everything God has for you

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