12241030_10206669889763094_5427760394855089918_oI’ve been quiet lately because I needed to soak this in. Last weekend that u-haul was coming 50mph head first at me in the wrong lane… But thanks to God always protecting me – he only side swiped my car before hitting the motorcyclist, the Uber, pedestrians, fire hydrant and light pole. He was charged with a DUI and cocaine possession. 10 people were injured, but no one lost their life that night. The detective couldn’t believe I didn’t report any pain or injury, and said him hitting my car slowed down the impact, detoured the driver and saved a lot of people’s lives. I always try and see the good in everything and want you to take away two lessons from this miracle: Sometimes God will put you in a situation that may temporarily hurt you to protect and help others because He knows you can handle it for the sake of the bigger picture – AND, most importantly… if you’re reading this and breathing today, it’s because God still has so much more planned for your life. Don’t waste time sitting around being angry, sad and not fulfilling your purpose because you never know when your time is, and there are so many people depending on what you have to give to this world.