Toure Roberts

  • Everybody has their breaking point
  • When God is getting ready to level a person up, often times they have to experience great adversary so they can begin to recognize what’s normal on the next level
  • Navy seals are trained in adversity so trouble becomes normal, so when trouble comes they can continue on when most people give up
  • God will slap you not to hurt you, but so He can build you – The reason I’m hitting you is because I’m trying to remove the shock out of conflict
  • Great people have to go through things
  • The difference between champion and normal is the quitting point
  • When God gets finished with you, this little situation you’re going through, you won’t even bring up anymore
  • You’re going to come to a point in life where God is going to show you what’s normal for you
  • You have to be introduced to your normal on this level so you don’t collapse on that level
  • You’re about to get ready to live on a level when there’s lions, tigers and bears and you’re too sensitive
  • God is going to let you feel that way for awhile because He is spinning you and you are becoming something
  • Sometimes God ordains confusion
  • You’re closer than you think
  • It’s going to hurt you, but God is removing that thing you’re relying on
  • There is more in you than you think!
  • Little boys/girls are easily distracted – That’s what separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women
  • You would think that God wouldn’t let you fall if He is ordaining your steps – BUT, it means your steps are ordered in His hand, you may fall, but not utterly because the fall is part of the development
  • All you have to do is survive it
  • Sometimes God will disappoint you – but He’s not doing it to disappoint you, it’s based off your ignorance
  • What disappointed you is your ignorant expectation
  • I thought I knew God, but now I really know Him
  • The clay (you) is never not in the hands of God
  • God will do everything He spoke to you if you just survive it
  • Why would He need to comfort you if you haven’t been through anything
  • Normal on the next level looks like confusion on the level prior

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

God Bless,
Jen DeLeon