What is the one regret you have in life? The one thing you wish you never had to go through? The one experience you are so ashamed of? No. Really. I want you to think about that one thing you’d never want your family or friends to know about before you continue reading this post.

Got it?

Okay, good.

If I made a list of the things that fell in one of the categories above, it would be never ending – but, you just might learn some of those things in the near future.

Hear me out.

I used to view my terrible experiences and mistakes as a bad thing, and overtime I’ve realized there is good in the “bad” – and it’s beyond the lesson that comes with it.

“Why did that have to happen? Why me? Just.. why?” 

The more and more I would ask those questions made me realize I lost sight of my faith and the bigger picture. Are you ready to hate me? Because I’m about to make some good points:

Whatever it is that you had to go through needed to happen to get you to where you are and who you are today. Whatever happened wouldn’t have happened if God didn’t already know you were going to overcome it. Whatever happened, happened to YOU because there’s someone else that is going to go through the same thing and won’t have the strength you had to conquer it. YOU are going to keep them from being lost and not knowing what to do. YOU are the one who is going to give them that courage and guidance. YOU are going to be the light in their world. YOU are going to get them out of it. That someone is depending on YOU.

It’s a trip to look at those bad experiences, huh? Knowing that the experience and lesson wasn’t just about you at the end of the day – It also happened for the sake of someone else.

Who do you care about most in this world? Mom? Dad? Brother? Sister? Daughter? Son? Now imagine if they had to go through the pain you went through? Wouldn’t you want to save he/she from going through that? Absolutely. In fact, I’m willing to bet you would go through that experience over and over and over again just so he/she wouldn’t have to. Right?

This is why you need to not be so bitter and ashamed of the bad experiences and mistakes in your life. I know, it sucks and your pride is constantly going to tell you it’s embarrassing that you had to go through that, but when you think how you going through that helps someone else, gives you a feeling of joy and a piece of mind. The good outweighs the bad. Really, think about it. It happened because you needed it to grow as a person, God knew you were strong enough to handle it, and someone else gets to learn from it. What is so bad about that other than the temporary pain or regret that you feel for that time being? Nothing.

Whatever that one thing is that kept popping in your head when I asked you those questions in the beginning of this post, don’t be so ashamed of it. No one in this world is perfect, and we all go through and do things we wish we didn’t do. Instead of beating yourself up over it – Use that experience, share it and save someone from going through the pain and regret you had to go through. Turn that negative experience into a positive one – It’s the least you could do.