It’s Not Going To Be Easy

T.D. Jakes

  • When you know it’s yours, you’re not uncomfortable because you know it’s yours 
  • What good is seed without sewing?
  • If it’s not a grazing place, it’ll be a dying place
  • You will miss your blessing if you’re not consistent. It takes time to be blessed 
  • Impatient people will never inherit the promises of God because if they don’t get it this week, they quit. If it doesn’t work out now, they go to something else. They’re not consistent enough and don’t have time to grow and graze 
  • You’re about to wreck your future running from your past 
  • The work is easier than the worry 
  • Some people aren’t homeless physically, but they’re homeless spiritually and emotionally
  • What do you do when you don’t measure up to who you’re being compared to? 
  • God didn’t call you to be a cheap copy of a great original 
  • God didn’t promise to give you the same thing as someone else, but He promised to be with you just like He was for them 
  • Until you develop an appreciation of being you, you will never discover what God is trying to do in you trying to be someone else 
  • Everything you’re man enough to step on, I’m God enough to give it to you – The deed will not transfer until I see you put your foot on it 
  • You only have the power when it’s yours 
  • Today you want God to give you stuff you won’t put your foot enough – You’re saying God if you give me it, I will take it, but He’s saying take it and I will give it to you
  • God is going to put His SUPER behind your natural 
  • What your kids think of finances, life, is going to be a direct reflection of you 
  • The shift God is making in your life may not even be about you, it’s a generational blessing 
  • The problems you are dealing with in your life right now, you inherited 
  • You will not end how you started 
  • Whatever you’re trying to break, it’s coming
  • If any 2 or 3 of you agree, it shall be done 
  • You’re having a civil war inside of yourself about something God has already given you 
  • If you don’t believe correctly, you won’t receive correctly 
  • You gotta fight off everything squatting over your blessing 
  • You will sew in tears and reap in joy 
  • Whenever you’re close to harvest the enemy tries to make you sad because he knows you can’t reap in sorrow 
  • If you’re sad, depressed, insecure you’re not getting no harvest 
  • Any mighty thing you did, you did it when you were happy 
  • You ask God to bless you but how can He 
  • The more you are up under attack, the more you are worshipped 
  • Be strong and be of good courage 
  • In order to deliver what God put in you, you have to endure the pain of this moment 

Have a great week!
Jen DeLeon

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