HAHA! Okay.. so first, I have some amazing news – I will be interning with BullsTV this upcoming season (I will explain how that came about in a later post), but I remembered my Intro video I put out on July 26, 2009 – and I am just beyond speechless. This video is really embarrassing – haha first off, I used a little desk light to light up my super blue room and it’s so messy, second, why do I talk like that and third, I obviously did not know how to organize this and the music cuts out of no where?! Hahaha… ANYWAY, towards the end I say that Oprah needs to find me because anything that gets on her show gets big and how I want to be a NBA reporter. GOD is truly amazing, and I cannot believe I basically knocked out both in a matter of about a year. What’s next on the list? I really don’t know, but I am very excited to say the least!

The rest of this post was published on July 29, 2009 but I wanted to repost it now just so you guys could see it!

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