Ice CubeI just recently updated my reel, and it took literally 9 months to get it right, and it’s still not perfect. Anyway – I’m super picky when it comes to my work, and as I was choosing clips, I wrote every mistake I made in an interview. Sadly, there is not one that I was completely satisfied with, and that time will more than likely never come because I criticize everything. I’m going on 5-years now in this field, but here are the many things I still need to work on:

1.You rush through interviews because you think you’ll get cut off – stop talking so fast. You’re not a rapper.
2. You say “mhmm” and “okay” a lot. Please expand your vocabulary.
3. Hair is always messy and in your face. Stop looking like you don’t own a brush.
4. You almost backed out of this interview, you vagina.
5. It’s obvious when you’re nervous, figure it out.
6. Dragging your words. You sound like a ditz.
7. Start caring more and dress up for all your interviews. You look terrible.
8. You keep saying shit and people don’t respond because they either can’t hear you or it’s weird.
9. Do something new with your hair/make-up. You have the same look 90% of the time. Boring.
10. You were scared to lift up your armpits because you were sweating lol. Wear sleeveless shit if you’re running around in hot weather.
11. You keep pushing your lips together and making a duck face. Why?
12. Stop saying long ass intros.
13. You make some of the ugliest faces.
14. Your hair is fucked up again, seriously, use a brush.
15. You have a fake white girl voice sometimes. Stop that.
16. Stop being hunched over and sit up straight.
17. Don’t wear heels if you’re walking around.It’s annoying as shit hearing click-click-click on camera.
18. Ugly ass backgrounds – get more creative.
19. You don’t finish your sentences.
20. You said “standing right next to me…” when he was sitting next to you.
21. Stop saying shit that isn’t funny out of nervousness.
22. You have a piece of hair just sitting in the middle of your forehead. Bring a mirror.
23. Don’t talk unless mic is near your mouth. Really, lavs are the better route.
24. Don’t push people too much if they’re trying to avoid a question.
25. Need something new other than “how are you doing?”
26. You cut people off a lot.
27. You can tell when you don’t want to be there, be more upbeat.
28. Looking at your phone too much when people are talking worried about the next question.
29. Blinking too much.
30. Keep mumbling “yeah” and “mhmm” and other shit. Just don’t say anything.
31. You really hate talking about music and careers.
32. You asked a bunch of random shit.
33. Let people finish their sentences.
34. Awkward transitions.
35. Stop interviewing people you’re close with because it’s weird.
36. Don’t film more than one segment per person.
37. How did you not get drops/shoutouts from all these interviews?
38. If you know you’re going to be rushed or they limit you, just don’t do them.
39. Interviews at venues RARELY ever turn out well. Setup just private ones.
40. People like your photos posing with the artist, rather than a screenshot.
41. Need to turn these around faster.