Here’s a lesson I have learned time and time again – I think it is time to share my story and pass that lesson on. If you wait on others, you’ll wait forever.

If I had a nickel for everytime someone said they had an opportunity for me and did not fall through, I’d be a millionaire. Okay, maybe not a millionaire, but you get the point. This blog is for those who get their hopes up, or rely too much on others.

I have had so many encounters with people I have networked with, and even people I am friends with who said they had something they wanted me to be a part of. My initial reaction for every opportunity is to start planning ideas and goals for that specific project… only for it to not fall through in the end. Why do people do that?

I’ve come to the realization that it’s because they want to keep you around for when it maybe someday falls through. But what they need to realize is that, it’s burning bridges and that business relationship. My whole thing is, if you can’t fall through with something, you can just say it – no need for sugarcoating. It’s not bad for things to go wrong, things happen. But, if you try to keep me around and nothing happens after months, sometimes years – I will not take you seriously anymore.

It’s crazy. There are people who consistently call me or will text me randomly after they basically bailed, and act like nothing happened. Of course I am not hostile or anything, I just go along with the conversation and say, “alright – just keep me updated.” These are people I established relationships with in 2010. They have told me that these certain projects would kick-off by the end of the year… and well, it’s 2011. I am not mad at all, I just learned not to wait on people, and I am so happy I learned that early on because had I not – I would not be in the positions I am in now.

Don’t get your hopes up when it comes to opportunity, wait until it happens because if you set your expectations high and it doesn’t fall through – you will be disappointed. If you sit around thinking things will just happen, think again. People will say what you want to hear to keep you around for when they really need you. Nothing is just going to happen for you if you don’t put the effort into it, so don’t be lazy.

Of course you can’t do everything on your own, but that is why you need to take the initiative to make those things happen. If you wait on others, you’ll wait forever – so your best bet is just start right: plan ahead, start things on your own, and the help and support you need will follow. Don’t wait on others – take the initiative to make things happen and remember, hard work always pays off.

don’t wait forever.