If You Can Give It Up, You Can Have It All

  • When we’re threatened and intimidated we run back to our comfort zone
  • God opens and shuts doors – He closes more than He opens because when He opens one you don’t need to open just one, but when he closes he has to close a bunch so you can see which one to go through. God WILL slam a door in your face because you can’t go back in
  • There are some things you can never go back to being again
  • When God shuts a door, you can’t go back
  • Once God breaks you out of stuff He breaks the mold you came back from and you’ll never fit back in the same spot
  • It used to fit, but it doesn’t fit anymore and if you try to fit again you’ll find that God shut the door
  • Once you belong to God, you don’t get success where everyone else gets success because if you got it without God you would think you got it on your own
  • God already knows the answer before you even ask the question
  • People are so busy evaluating your boat and have all kinds of advice on what you should do in your boat
  • Life will shut your mouth
  • You have to be careful when you throw rocks because life isn’t over yet
  • When God shuts a door, no man can open it up
  • Doing it with God’s permission versus doing it on your own
  • God will hold your blessing until you come to your senses
  • When you have experienced your greatest failure is when you know you’re about to experience your greatest victory
  • When God releases a blessing in your life it will always be more than you can handle
  • It will always be more than you expected
  • Some things God didn’t intend for you to be good at because it’ll distract you from your purpose
  • Anything you’re destined to do, God has gifted you to do it
  • God will gift you in the area he has pre-destined you to be in
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God Bless,
Jen DeLeon

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