1467474_10201735693811279_222534329_nAlright, here’s one thing you may find a little off about me lol. I was getting frustrated that the extreme hate went away after 2010 because it made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. (When I threw a Haiti fundraiser it was the most hate I ever got in life. But… I’ll talk about that in another post).

Anyway. Every time you reach some kind of success, there will always be haters. Before I keep going – I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the support I’ve been getting, because believe me, the messages and tweets I get from true supporters make my day. It’s just, the usual “they hooked up” or “she’s annoying” is repetitive and boring. I’ve been waiting for some over the top hate because it’s entertaining, and another confirmation that I’m on the right path.

Today, I finally got it, and all it did was put a smile on my face smh. This person was trying to provoke me – So, I’m going to give you what you want – but my reply is just going to make you hate me more.

Let’s start off with your not one, not two, but three comments:

You act like your perfect and your life is perfect… fake bitch.
I wrote a whole a list of the 10 Things That Make Me Unattractive in November. Guess you missed that one. As for my life, eh… I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, but it’s pretty close.

You’re fake, you’re interviews are horrible.
Lol. My interviews are clearly not horrible considering that’s what I do, and have been doing for years now. BUT, if you have some experience in this and have tips or suggestions on how I can improve them, please do tell so I can stop embarrassing myself.

You’re a liar.. You put on such a good front. We know the truth.
I’m not really sure what I lied about, but please forgive me for lying to you person I’ve never met before. Not sure what the truth is, but trust me, the only people who know all the horrible things I have and plan to do in life are my family, James, Ky, Allan, Lauren and Kat. So… if your name is not any of those, you don’t know shit.

All of the comments were in caps but I thought that was too much for a blog post. Pretty sure he/she was screaming these off the top of his/her lungs and punching the keyboard as he/she was typing them.

And now anonymous person you have EVERY right to call me a bitch for how I just replied to your comments.

Anyway, I never highlight or respond to anything negative said to me because things like that don’t matter. We all experience so much hate, and naturally think it’s a bad thing – I want you to understand why it’s not.

The reason I don’t let comments like these bother me is because first, any publicity, good or bad, is publicity. This person hated me enough to watch two of my webisodes, my reel and comment on them. Now, you’re going to bitch about me to one of your friends, and tell them to look at the badass thing you did today on my YouTube before I erase them. Pause. I’m not really erasing them because now 90% of the people reading this are going to go on my YouTube and check out the comments for themselves. Why? Because our world is so fucked up and we fein off drama. Hey, I’m the same way. Subscribe to my channel while you’re at it. My YouTube has the lowest numbers of all my social media, so help me out!

Okay. Back to the point. You’re just exposing me even more because now they’re going to look for my stuff, and who knows, maybe they won’t hate me as much as you do and actually learn something from what they watch.

Second, you’re trying to talk shit over the internet. The fuck? Lol. You would have actually MAYBE had an affect on me if you said all of that in person. I’m lying. It wouldn’t have made a difference. At all.

Overall lesson – There’s a lot of hate that goes on in this world and you cannot let it get to you. Haters are a GREAT thing.

And to anyone else who does hate me, thank you. I want more of you in this world because well one, if you hate me for the wrong reasons, you still kind of like me because you’re keeping up with me. And two, sometimes the things haters say can be true, and I can use that for improvement.

Alright, I’m done for the night. Shoutout to anonymous for these comments because you helped me to write a great post.  If anyone else wants to go on a rant and try to make me mad, feel free to do so. But, this is the one and only time I’m going to reply – and it was only to prove a point. If you really want to make me mad, I got you. I have a “Ways to Piss Me Off” post saved in my drafts for the future.

So…. who else wants more haters? Say I!