Today was all-you-can-eat traditional wing’s at Hooter’s – pretty great deal, huh?

Well. My stomach is the size of a two-year-old, and I usually only get the five piece flappetizers with some fries, eat 2-3 and take the rest home to eat it with rice. Yes, I’m that Asian – but those wings are damn delicious to begin with and they’re even better with rice. I have to eat them with rice.

Flappetizers and fries are about $12.00, and I didn’t know the all-you-can-eat came with fries so I went with that instead because it was basically the same price. The server asked my friend and I if we wanted another round, so I said yes because I wanted to try 911 (I always get medium). I already know you’re technically not supposed to take them home because it’s pretty much buffet style, but I just wasn’t feeling good and literally ate 1.5 so I asked for a box.

My arguments were below:

1. I literally ate less than two, so if I’m going to pay for all-you-can eat, it would only make sense to eat all of them
2. I would’ve just ordered my original five piece (that is what I ordered until she said all-you-can-eat came with fries) if you weren’t going to let me take my food home
3. What else are you going to do with these wings?
4. It doesn’t say that on the menu
5. It took forever to even get them in the first place and I have to be back at work
6. I’m not paying for it

When she said it’s just the policy and I can’t take them home or she’d get in trouble with her manager, I asked to just talk to the manager. Long story short, she magically came back with two boxes for my leftover wings, and said she got the thumbs up to do so and told me to remember for next time lol. She was really nice, and I felt bad, but she knew I wasn’t having it lol so she made it work.

I don’t know if you’ll ever find yourself in the position I was in, but it is possible to get a take-home box when you order rounds at Hooters lol.