— When your attitude is about to kick, don’t say something that’s going to get you out of your destiny… know that God is going to take care of the rest
— Why are you getting upset over a “no?”
— You think because someone says “no” that means it’s not going to happen. There is no one who has the power to say “no” to what God said “Yes” to
— Just because someone says “no” doesn’t mean they have the power to, it just means they don’t have the vision
— You have to keep going
— It’s not that someone doesn’t want to help you, it’s that you’re not framing your request the right way
— We are not built to run 24/7, you need time to rest
— Why don’t we take time to recover?
— You want some serious word from God? Give your brain some rest
— We work like it’s not going to happen so we work out of desperation instead of confidence
— If you want authority, it’s going to cost you
— You have to get out of your feelings because you don’t want people to think that you don’t think God will do it
— It may not happen now, but commit to the process and it will
— You’re trying to take the elevator to the next floor but every step you take is important
— You think you’re behind but He’s just preparing you for a level He already ordained
— What God is doing through you is a unique thing that’s never been done before. Stop chasing trends, you have a trend to set
— Your prayers alone aren’t enough. You can’t just pray for it, you have to prepare for it
— You have to get ready before it even happens. Manifest before it manifests
— You have to prepare for what you’re praying for
— You are the talent. Too often we serve other people’s talent at the expense of our own
— You have what it takes to make it whether they recognize it or not. One day they will know
— You have to carry a crown before you wear one. Meeting someone else’s need never goes out of style
— When your time comes, you’ll know what to do
— We want it now, but don’t want to serve. Everyday of service is a day of preparation
— Too often we look down at opportunity because it doesn’t look like what we want
— So many times we’re frustrated because we don’t believe it’s going to happen or we don’t see it happening fast enough. Frustration will get you out of your purpose
— Your gut is hiding God
— There’s certain things God told you to do but you’re sitting on it because you’re afraid. Walk by faith, not by sight
— Stop asking why, you’ll know soon enough
— If I had not moved when God said to move, I’d miss the opportunity to be setup for the next chapter
— People will never give you what your worth, you have to demand your value
— Give praise where praise is due
— Your world is smaller than you think
— You think it’s 6 degrees of separation but with God it’s 0
— Be a man/woman of your word
— You have to do it the way God called you to do it because the industry and world will conform to you
— Now that you have the strategy, you have to combine it with commitment
— You can’t want your career more than you want God
— You are so much further than people you’re comparing yourself to because you’re strong in Him