SkeeTV had Jen DeLeon hit the streets of Hollywood to ask people what hip-hop trend they’re sick of. Here is a list of what they had to say – and make sure you watch the video below!
  1. DJ Mustard on every beat.
  2. Autotune.
  3. Rappers that can’t rap.
  4. Lack of originality.
  5. Songs glorifying violence.
  6. Rappers trying to sing.
  7. Songs that mention brands. (Versace, Versace, Versace!)
  8. Beats overpowering lyrics.
  9. Rapping about girls, money and . . . food.
  10. The use of made-up words. (YOLO)
  11. Rapping about events they didn’t actually experience.
  12. Hip- hop beefs
  13. Songs that demand us to do the dougie, stanky leg, etc.
  14. Sampling classic tracks without giving credit.
  15. Obnoxious chains.
  16. Lyrics with no substance.
  17. The lack of good hip-hop played on the radio.
  18. Wu Tang shirts.
  19. Sagging jeans.
  20. Skinny Jeans.
What hip-hop trend are you sick of? Let us know!