brown-hair-on-fireRemember in Home Alone when the burglars got their hair caught on fire? One would think you only see that in movies; however, not in my life lol.

I will make this short and simple. I went home one weekend and my parents and I were in the kitchen. I was sitting at my counter, my dad was cooking and for whatever reason, my mom was watching him cook. She began to think and talk, so she leaned her head back directly towards a candle sitting on top of the microwave. I hear a sizzle, look up and I see that my mom burnt out the flame with her hair. As I am sitting there waiting for some reaction to occur, it turned out I was waiting on nothing. Here is how the conversation went:

Jen: MOM!
Mom: What?
Jen: Your HAIR!!
Mom: What about it?

-Jen looks at her like she is crazy-

Jen: It’s on FIRE!!!
(Yes, there were legit flames in her hair)
Mom starts patting her head running around the kitchen.

I am not going to lie, at first I was scared but it all happened so fast, so I ran off to the basement cracking up because I have never seen something so funny in my life. No, her hair was not burned off, luckily she got the flames out in time. I did feel bad when I came back and she had a sad face because she thought she was bald, but I told her she wasn’t. She went along with her day and five-minutes later she was doing her nails and watching the Filipino channel. Yes, I am aware. I am a terrible daughter for not running over with water or patting it down for her. But, you got to admit, that would be pretty funny to see. Sorry mom if you read this blog!