Last month, I commented on how there are way too many negative people in this world. In an attempt to balance that, I decided to start tweeting three things I am grateful for everyday – whether it was something big or small.

Doing this has really helped me to appreciate the little things in life. I am now more appreciative of the things I have, rather than what I don’t have, which makes me an overall happy person.

Listed below are my tweets from the last couple weeks since I decided to do them. Try doing this (you don’t have to post it, write it in a notebook if you’d rather keep it to yourself) and I promise, you will have a whole new outlook on life.

July 1: a family of basically chefs, how close we are and how they treat my friends like family as well #loveit #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 30: Elevators, escalators and carts because I’m one lazy little person…#whatimgratefulfortoday

June 29: The patience, wisdom and the many blessings God has given me…#whatimgratefulfortoday

June 28: Thanked every single person who tweeted me on my birthday, so I thought that made up for #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 27: this hot cocoa that’s extra delicious, free printing in my building and google #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 26: hair ties, the clothes on my back and student loans – bc without it I wouldn’t have been able to go to Columbia #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 25: my laptop, final cut pro and the internet #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 24: Blinds because it blocks the sun and let’s me sleep, debit cards and the redbox (PS safe house is a great movie!)#whatimgratefulfortoday

June 23: The @gowherehiphop team, those who have given me opportunities and those who have been supportive since day one..#whatimgratefulfortoday

June 22: Contacts, glasses and not being color blind…#whatimgratefulfortoday

June 21: Toothpaste, mouthwash and floss – can you imagine a world without them?! #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 20: Being able to kind of sleep in, the leftover Portillo’s that I’m about to eat and my laptop.. #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 19: Alarm clocks, showers and sunlight – because without them I would not wake up on time… #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 18:  The CTA, cabs and Metra – makes life convenient if a car is not handy.. #whatimgratefulfortoday

June 18: my dad, my uncles and all my friends who are Father’s!#whatimgratefulfortoday

June 17: My blow dryer, brush & make-up.. Bc without it, it’d hurt ppl to look at me while I host Lauren’s baby shower lol, #whatimgratefulfortoday

What are you grateful for today?