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Whenever something goes wrong in our life, we tend to get frustrated and discouraged because it is not what we had hoped and planned. Rather than letting it defeat us, we need to learn what we are supposed to learn in that moment because God ordered for that slip to happen.

Sometimes, we forget that just because God is an amazing God, that He is not capable of ordering things that hurt us – but it’s not to hurt us. God allowed whatever it is you’re frustrated about today because there is something in your life that you need to face, and you cannot get into the next step of your destiny until you do.

Here are my notes from TD Jakes’ message, “Re-Routing.”

  • God’s hand was in my pain
  • Nothing takes the place of experience
  • A lot of things aren’t what you thought they were (until you experience it)
  • Be careful about things you speak on because you may damage someone based off what you thought and could be criticizing something you don’t know anything about
  • Stop getting in stuff you can’t get out of – Can’t fix, can’t hit a button and change, can’t write a check and repair
  • Sometimes God just lets you wait and puts you on hold so you have experience
  • Experience will give you hope
  • If I could go back and redo life do you know how much better I would’ve slept at night, who I wouldn’t have responded to, etc.
  • Just because your circumstance doesn’t reflect it right now doesn’t mean you don’t have it – Believe in yourself and do what you have to do!
  • When the enemy attacks, tell him how many times God has brought you through (you have a resume)
  • Each one of us has our own testimony
  • People always remember and talk about how you made it, but don’t understand all you went through to get there but don’t understand what you went through to get there
  • The most dangerous thing in the world is to get something you didn’t earn because the process prepares you with the power you need to hold your ground and when you fight for it, you won’t let nobody take it from you
  • The reason you keep quitting stuff is because you didn’t earn it – if you get through fighting for something, you’re not going to walk away and quit
  • If you’re a weak person you’re going to quit when it doesn’t go the way it imagined
  • Things don’t always go the way you think
  • Sometimes when things don’t go the way you hoped they would go… you’re too tough to let it kill you
  • Be disappointed, but refuse to be dead
  • The devil wants you to be stuck in a situation that’s beneath the promises of God in your life
  • What God promised you is not a lie – You may have to reroute, but you’re going to get there
  • You’re trying to figure it out and you’re in a buffering moment, but God is still going to do it
  • The destination hasn’t changed, the method has
  • If you hit a buffering spot, God has a back-up plan
  • Once you give up your plan, God will do His plan
  • Some people care about position rather than presence
  • Don’t allow men to lure you into a position that doesn’t have the presence
  • Just because you mean good doesn’t mean that things go right
  • The more you’re going about the right things, the more you’re going to have problems
  • Just when you’re about to step into your destiny and see the promise of God, life starts to buffer
  • Buffering always starts when you need it the most
  • You start praying dumb stuff like “why me?”
  • God ordered your slip
  • God orders slip-ups, layoffs, repossessions, funerals
  • When God orders something, no one can fix it
  • Sometimes you can’t save everybody – You have to leave people alone and let them go through the process. Get out of God’s business
  • Sometimes you try to cover up things that you think God wasn’t God enough to do
  • If you could be your own God you wouldn’t need God
  • Sometimes God’s reveal is in the slip
  • If you never get in trouble, you’ll never have a experience with God. How will you ever know He’s a healer if you never get sick?
  • A slip is a set-up
  • You’ve been worrying but it’s a setup, you’re crying but it’s a setup. Keep your hands off God’s setup
  • You’re stuck – Say something or not, fuss, scream or cry but you’re still stuck
  • Sometimes the things you want the most, hurts the most
  • You get mad and say “I don’t care” but you do
  • Stop lying about what you care about because the anointing is in your care. You’re running from the care because caring hurts
  • The things that mean the most to you will always hit a point where everything starts buffering
  • God will bless whoever will open up the door
  • You think you can throw a tamper and God will change His mind – You have to buffer until you break
  • If you won’t receive this blessing, I will give it to someone else and let you watch me give a blessing that was supposed to be you to someone else
  • God is using what you care about to make you stop being phony
  • Why go back if you’re not willing to change?
  • You have to be willing to be rerouted and change the way you take
  • Accept the responsibility that the way you did it the first time was wrong
  • You have to accept the weight – You can’t have the glory and not take the weight
  • If I’m going to do this in you, you can’t take these itty bitty steps – Give me time, I’m not ready yet, etc.
  • God is not walking with someone who isn’t ready yet
  • If you take a big step, God will pour a blessing
  • Throw everything you got
  • The reason you have not prevailed is because you haven’t thrown your whole self at anything I promised you
  • If you throw everything in, God will throw everything in. Give it all you got.

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God Bless,
Jen DeLeon