This message from Devon Franklin will encourage you to not give up on your dream and who you know God called you to be.

— It’s hard to keep carrying a dream when you don’t see evidence
— The impossible can happen
— Stay committed and believe God is going to make a way
— Just because you don’t see a way doesn’t mean it’s not there
— God can’t tell you when, you just have to keep showing up
— Stop saying it’s not going to happen! How are you going to speak against what God already said “yes” to?
— Every time you get frustrated, just say, “I’m so blessed.”
— All you have to do is stay in position and the blessing will come to you
— There’s someone you met recently but you didn’t take the time to appropriately vet who they are and as a result you think they’re a blessing but they’re an issue in disguise
— Time will reveal
— Don’t rush on the representative instead of the person. The representative looks like a blessing, but the person is an issue
— When we try to fit our unconventional selves into a conventional path we find that we don’t get closer, we get further away
— God is trying to do something with you that’s never been done
— Don’t measure your path by what you see him doing in someone else’s path
— Stay committed to what God called you to do
— When you’re looking around, you’re missing it
— You are this close, don’t quit
— Do not let your disappoint from your past destruct what God already had planned for your future
— On our mathematical equations in our life where we thought we were close and it didn’t happen
— We manage our pain by lowering our faith
— Don’t do math to only what God knows the answer to
— I know when Earth will be ready for you, and when you will be ready for Earth
— God has deals in more ways than we can count, so don’t just think this is the only deal (one you’re negotiating right now)
— If the deal doesn’t happen, don’t mourn and thank God because there’s a better deal coming
— How well are you representing who you say you believe in and who you follow?
— There’s a danger as soon as God starts to bless you. You think you got it now
— There’s a danger with success, we pull away from God
— Every time you get blessed, go right back to Him because it’s from Him
— Some of your friends don’t know how to get to God because you’re silent
— There are people connected to you now that can help you and you’re afraid to ask for help, why?
— Why are you afraid of taking risks?
— No risk, no reward
— You’re wondering why you’re not getting reward when it’s because you’re not risking and sacrificing
— You don’t know how much time you have to do it
— It’s right in front of you, it’s not as far as you think
— What do you have to do between now and the end of the year that you have been resistant to and afraid to do? Resume? Finishing a script? Applying for a small business loan?
— Don’t worry about other people, just do it
— You have everyone telling you you’re making an impact. You say you want to bless a million, when the million starts with a one
— Stop doubting yourself and follow what God is telling you to do

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