I took a 2 week break from all social media – It’s really not long, but sad that’s long, because how long have you’ve gone without posting AND scrolling through your timelines? I did it because I was really at peace and happy, but suddenly some things happened that forced me to slow down, reevaluate and make adjustments. It wasn’t a surprise and I wasn’t mad because whenever life is going too good, you can just expect something to throw you off and be grateful for it because it’s a test and sign that you’re closer than ever to what God has for you. And that’s all I want. To be the best version I can be so I am ready for all the blessings God has waiting for me. I needed to focus. I needed clarity on myself, people and situations. I didn’t want to be distracted with other people’s lives. I didn’t want to post or speak from an emotional place and only speak when my mind and heart were right. Take time to REALLY focus. Take time to get your heart and mind right.