Throughout the years I have learned which friends to keep close to me, and which to keep . . . at a distance. Below are 8 types of friends you should ditch.

1. The flake. We all have that one friend that misses you so much, but can’t seem to follow through with plans because they unexpectedly have to babysit their cousin’s dog. You ain’t gotta lie, Craig! I would much rather you not make plans with me, so I can make plans with people that actually want to see me.

2. La chismosa (The gossiper). We all gossip to some degree, but when that’s the only conversation you guys can keep going; it’s a problem. Your conversations should not revolve solely on what everyone else is doing.

3. The “yes” friend. That one person that agrees with everything that you do, whether it’s right or wrong. Don’t think as this person as your ride or die. They’re not. A true friend will tell you when you’re not making the greatest choices. Even if it makes you mad, know that they are telling you because they want the best for you. You’ll thank them later.

4. The friend that talks about her other friends. If your friend airs her friend’s dirty laundry, chances are she would do the same to yours. Be wary of people like this. As my mom always said, keep your secrets to yourself.

5. The opportunist. That one friend that only hits you up with you when they need something.

6. The negative Nancy. Vibes are everything. If you’re around a person who is constantly bringing negative vibes, it will affect your peace.

7. Friends with no ambition. The worst type of friend to have is the one that lacks ambition. Now, I’m not saying you can’t be friends with this person, but beware of how close you keep them. They say you become like the five closest people to you. Choose wisely.

8. The “hater.” I detest the word hater, but you have to call it how it is. This person is unhappy with themselves, so don’t expect them to ever be happy for you. You don’t need someone in your life that is only going to bring you down, you want people that are going to be genuinely happy for you.